Scott's Notes


Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Keep

We have so many experiences and come across so much information that I think its a good idea to keep a database of these things. Keeping lists of specific things is just a practice I’ve adopted that has been pretty helpful to me.

 Typically my workflow is to write things pertinent to these lists down in a journal as soon as I encounter them. I have a folder on google docs where I keep spreadsheets of these things and add to them in batches from my journal when I have downtime. If you’re truly keeping this list up to date it can be pretty distracting to add as you go which is why I like to do it in batches. Sorry folks…no peaking

Startups/Companies I Like

Designs I like

Business Models I like

People I want to meet

People looking for jobs

Talented engineers I meet

Problems/spaces I’m thinking about

Books, papers, I want to read etc

Links to stories/interviews that inspire me (for when the times get tough!)

Tomorrow folder for startup ideas - don’t look at this one too much! Add and close

Examples of Personality Within Products via these awesome posts: How to Give Your Product Personality and Minimum Viable Personality